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Control Cables

There is an extensive range of electrical control cable available for an increasing array of industrial applications. The main cable types used are CY Cables, SY Cables and YY Cables which are also referred to as flexible instrumentation cables. They are designed for use as interconnecting cable in control and signal equipment for measuring, control and regulation.
The main differences between the three cables are:

CY Cables – are used in environments when electrical interference free transmission is needed. CY Cables have a multi-core flex, tinned copper wire braid. All these components         work together to protect the cable from external electromagnetic influences and mechanical stress.

SY Cables – the galvanised steel wire braid increases the mechanical protection of the cable, but offers little protection against electrical interference.

YY Cables – this cable work well with light mechanical stress and is suited to most environments. It is a versatile flexible control cable and can be used as an interconnecting cable         in a wide variety of applications