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RG6 RG Coaxial Cable

RG6 RG Coaxial Cable

Application Range
Coaxial Cables are used for in the telecoms industry to transmit radio frequency signals which include television, aerial, broadband and CCTV signals

50 or 75 Ohm, suitable for a broad range of applications including low power video, video signal, and broadband signals. 


Conductor Material:             

Solid copper clad steel, 1x1.02 ± 0.05mm

Pair Insulation Material:        Polyethylene (PE)

Overall Screen:                    Aluminium Braid & Foil (100% Coverage)

Drain Wire:                          Tinned Copper, 20(7)awg

Sheath Material:                 PVC

Sheath Colour:                    Black



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